Planning a Family Vacation That Everyone Will Enjoy

family vacation

Whether it’s an epic family ski vacation, trekking the Camino in Spain or going on safari in Africa, taking time away as a family can have huge benefits for your wellbeing. But planning a trip that everyone will enjoy can be tricky – especially when you’re trying to find a place that appeals to each member of the clan, from teens to toddlers and grandparents alike.

Choosing the right experience means factoring in all the costs, from airfare to accommodation to travel insurance. You also need to think about entertainment and food. Having an idea of how much you want to spend will help make the decision process easier, but it’s still worth checking out deals on websites like Last Minute Travel and Expedia.

A beach vacation

A day on the sand and the sea is a no-brainer for families, with plenty of sand to explore and a chance for kids to burn off energy while parents can relax and read. For a more exotic option, try an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or Mexico, which can make for a stress-free, low-cost getaway that includes everything from your accommodation to meals and activities.

The Grand Canyon

The Great American National Park is one of the most spectacular family-friendly destinations in the world and easily accessible with often affordable nonstop flights from many cities. Hike a trail or a canyon rim, take a white-knuckle ride down the Colorado River or pitch your tents at a campground beneath the towering walls of the canyon for awe-inspiring views and plenty of outdoor adventure.

New York City

There’s a reason why NYC tops the list of best family vacations: It offers something for every age and interest. Catch a show on Broadway, stroll through Central Park, eat at any of the many tempting eateries (from Michelin starred to sidewalk carts) or hop on the Staten Island Ferry for postcard-perfect views and a cheap thrill.


A lava flow is the perfect way to bring an element of drama to your family vacation in this tropical destination, while the beaches provide the opportunity for some R&R. Families can take advantage of the area’s many kid-friendly water parks and zoos, or opt to go off the beaten path and learn about a local culture through a luau or traditional ceremonies.


France is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and a fantastic choice for family holidays, with the city’s historic centre full of cobblestone streets and charming cafes, as well as the Loire Valley’s chateaux, the Alsace region’s fairy tale towns and the Atlantic coast’s lovely islands. During the summer, watch Paris come alive with fireworks and celebrations on the 14th of July or head to the stunning rocky landscapes of Brittany.