The Different Types of Fashion


During your life, you will be exposed to different types of fashion. Some of them are girly, formal wear, couture, and even fast fashion. You will be able to choose the kind of fashion that suits you best.

Formal wear

Unlike casual wear, formal wear is intended to be worn in public events. This means that you need to pay close attention to the details of your outfit to ensure you look your best.

Among the most well-known formal wear costumes are black tie and white tie. A black tie ensemble is also known as a tuxedo. A tuxedo is a black jacket with a peaked lapel and a shawl collar. It’s worn at formal dances, weddings, and stately functions.


Often considered the most prestigious achievement in fashion craftsmanship, haute couture refers to high-end clothing design. It is the practice of creating highly specific clothing orders for clients, usually with handmade embellishments and trimmings.

Haute couture fashion houses are regulated by the French government. They must have an atelier in Paris, and at least 15 employees. They must also have a small boutique in Paris, and must present at least 35 looks in a fashion show each year.


During a certain period of time, fashion and fads take a very important role in the world. These trends have an influence on the way people dress, talk, and eat. They also influence movies, books, and music.

Fashion is a type of clothing style that has a wide appeal. It is also a form of social norm that is followed by a large portion of society.

Fads are temporary trends that come and go very quickly. They last from two to three months before declining in popularity.


Basically, it’s an outfit that reflects your playful side while being classy. Using the right colors can help you achieve that look.

The main color in a girly outfit is pink. You can wear pink pants with a basic white blouse. You can also get the same effect by pairing white pants with a pink skirt.

If you’re looking for the cheapest and most obvious way to wear pink, try wearing a tulle skirt with a white blouse. You can also wear a pink dress with a white top and white shoes.

Influence of fast fashion on the environment

Whether we’re talking about the clothes that we wear, or the clothes that we throw away, the influence of fast fashion on the environment is a big one. Not only are they a huge contributor to climate change, but they also pollute the air, water, and oceans.

The fast fashion industry uses toxic dyes and materials to make its clothes. In addition to releasing 1.2 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, the industry puts extreme stress on water basins and pollutes waterways with microplastics.