Why You Need Travel Insurance


In the simplest terms, travel is the movement of a human body between geographical locations. It may be one-way or round-trip. It also involves a certain amount of risk. For example, COVID-19 spreads faster in crowded settings. The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of coverage that you get and the type of trip. To learn more about travel insurance, read on. There are several reasons to purchase it. Listed below are the most common reasons:

Dopamine increases when you travel

Did you know that travel makes dopamine levels in your brain increase? According to biologists at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, dopamine levels in the brain are one of the reasons why human beings traveled thousands of years ago. Moreover, people with high dopamine levels are more likely to enjoy the changes and adventures life presents. In fact, it’s been found that people with high dopamine levels are more likely to become passionate travelers.

COVID-19 spreads faster in crowded settings

Infections that spread rapidly are often called pandemics. In some cases, they affect many different countries. One example of a pandemic is the worldwide spread of COVID-19. COVID-19 spreads in waves, or spikes, which occur when people are in close proximity and the virus changes to a more contagious form. Scientists are hoping to prevent these superspreading events and ease restrictions on outdoor activities.

Dopamine increases when you meet new people

Dopamine is a brain chemical that helps you achieve goals. When you get a reward, your dopamine level rises. But the farther away your reward is, the less motivation you will feel. Delay reduces dopamine levels, and motivation becomes harder to maintain. One way to help increase dopamine levels is to break a project into smaller parts, such as milestones, and complete those tasks as they are completed.

Cost of travel insurance

The price of travel insurance can vary depending on your state of residence. Each US state, including Washington DC, has different insurance laws. For example, Californians pay $332 for Worldwide Trip Protector, while residents of Florida and Washington state pay $408 and Missouri pay $464. Insurance providers often determine rates by evaluating your risk. Age is a factor, too. Senior citizens are likely to be injured or become ill while traveling. In a recent study, advisorSmith calculated average rates by state.

Cost of international travel

The cost of international travel can be very high, especially if you’re planning to stay in different countries. On average, a domestic vacation costs $581 in 2005. This translates to $144 per day for a trip lasting twelve to thirteen days. However, international travel can cost upwards of $3250 per person, per day. You’ll also likely spend more on meals in restaurants, which is nearly ninety percent of the total cost.