Different Types of Fashion


In today’s world, fashion is big business. Millions of workers design, manufacture, and dye clothes. Advertisements give people ideas on what to wear. Some people even use clothing as a political weapon, such as removing class distinctions with uniforms during the twentieth century. Whether you’re a ‘fashionista’ or just a “fashion victim,” there’s a style for you! Let’s take a look at the different types of clothing and how they are used.

‘Academic’ style

There are many ways to incorporate accessories into your academic fashion. While you don’t need to wear a lot of accessories to look sophisticated, a chain necklace can make your outfit complete. Stick to neutral colors when selecting jewelry. Choose shades of beige, black, or brown to create a classic aesthetic. Plaid pants are a must-have for the academia aesthetic. They go with everything, from skirts to sweaters, and can be worn with both a blouse and a cardigan.

‘Wild West’ style

In addition to the classic cowboy hat, other Wild West fashion staples included tuxedos and kippy belts. Although exaggerated ten-gallon hats were rare in historical days, the fashion was still popular. Exaggerated hats were only worn by movie cowboys. Historical gunslingers would have been easy targets in these large hats. These hats were reserved for commercial events and not worn by real cowboys.

‘Edgy’ style

Whether you like to wear jeans and a sweater or a leather jacket, edgy fashion is a way to express yourself without going over the top. You don’t have to wear a leather jacket or wear jeans with a flowery print to look cool and edgy. You can incorporate edgy elements into your regular outfits to turn a bland look into something that expresses your inner personality. Wearing edgy details into your everyday wardrobe can make a drastic change in your style in a moment. Whether your hair is wild and unruly or you’re wearing a leather jacket with confidence, you can easily create an edgy look and be comfortable doing it.

‘Eclectic’ style

Embracing the ‘Eclectic’ style of dressing is an interesting way to explore fashion, but it can also cause headaches. Because it defies all rules of fashion, you must make sure your clothing fits well and is stylish. Unlike other styles, this type of fashion is not for lazy people, so it is important to pay attention to how you look and feel in every outfit.

‘Boho chic’ style

Indulge in a new season with this boho-chic look. Spring brings new life and warmer weather. Bright colors and loose fitting clothing add a romantic touch to your outfit. Tie-dye dresses are a spring must-have. Pair it with platform sandals and a pair of huge sunglasses and you’re ready to hit the town. And while you’re at it, add a tassel-embellished headpiece and a necklace.


In ‘Edgy’ fashion, unconventional combinations and proportions are key. This style is not confined to any particular persona, but is instead based on individual taste. In addition, edgy clothing doesn’t necessarily mean using unorthodox colours and designs. Soft flowing fabrications, pastels, and polish are also acceptable choices. The only difference is how you wear them. So, how do you make your outfit edgy?