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Let the Tender Filet Help You With Dinner!

 Not sure what to make for dinner? Nothing looks good in your fridge? Well take a chance with The Tender Filet! Look below for more information and a chance to win a 6-pack of Rib Eye Steaks!   Sponsored by The Tender Filet Coordinated by Bella Savvy Ready to serve up a delicious Rib Eye Steaks dinner for your Mom this Mother's Day? Well you can courtesy of The Tender Filet.   That's right, one lucky reader is going to receive a Rib Eye Steaks 6-pack from The Tender Filet. These center-cut beauties are aged to perfection and some of the most juicy and flavorful steaks we … [Read More...]


New Depend Silhouette Active Fit Helps Fight Bladder Leakage

Incontinence... Whew, thank goodness we got that out of the way. The word itself incites panic. How taboo. How private. How … wait, one third of the female population has experienced incontinence. So, why are we so devoted to avoiding conversation about a problem that isn’t that uncommon? Perhaps it is the idea of leakage. I guess I can see why this isn’t really a topic that one would bring up at a dinner party, holiday gathering, or even during family game night. It is however something that deserves attention. And that my friend is why we are going to discuss it today. Let me throw … [Read More...]


Slide the City Comes to Pittsburgh!

Ok Pittsburghers, West Virginian and Eastern Ohioans, don't let the weird cold weather, rain, and occasional  flurry we've been getting deter you from this amazing experience! Silde the City is coming to Pittsburgh, and we're all about it. I mean if you love a slip and slide (I totally do, and so do the kids) then this is for you, your family, and friends!   Slide The City Comes to Pittsburgh!! When: Saturday, June 6, 2015 11am-7pm Best Rates - Early Bird Registration begins Wednesday, April 22, 2015! Summer time is approaching fast and we are bringing 1000 feet of slick … [Read More...]

BuyDig $200 GC Giveaway

Chance for a $200 Shopping Spree With knows how to treat Moms on Mother's Day, make them feel beautiful and special!  I bet you thought was just for electronics, no they cover far more items like beauty, purses and jewelry.  Please check out and see what else they have to offer, you will be amazed.  Plus they have the fastest FREE SHIPPING!    Kelly's Thought On Things is very honored to be hosting a $200 Gift Giveaway.  Please enter giveaway below and good luck!   Here are some Mother's Day Ideas: Glam Mom- Bobbi Brown Shimmer … [Read More...]


Parenting a Different Personality Type

I was a quiet, studious kid who knew from an early age what I wanted to do with my life. It may not have been mapped out to the tiniest detail, but I was aware of my general direction. And I worked toward it.   It was great knowing what my passion was, it was comforting to have that to work toward. It anchored me during a turbulent home life. And it prepared me for college and life after. It actually defined who I was.     And then my daughter came along. And she is wonderful and brilliant and stubborn. And she, at age fifteen, has no idea what she wants to do in the … [Read More...]


Coconut Creme Caffe Latte With McCafe At Home #McCafeMyWay

Disclosure: Thank you Lunchbox for Sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are 100% my own.  You must have done a double look when you saw the title: Coconut Creme Caffé Latte with McCafé at home. Well let me tell you that it's not a misspelling, it's not a typo, and no you're not seeing things. You can in fact pick up McCafé at a Walmart near you. There are lots of options to choose from too! 8 flavors to choose from (lots of options) Ground – 12 oz bags: Premium Roast, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Colombian, Premium Roast Decaf, and French Vanilla, … [Read More...]


Family Movie Night Featuring Night at the Museum

  All work and no play make a family quite boring, wouldn't you say? So a few weeks ago, thanks to VocalPoint we were able to leave the boring world outside and relax with the third installment of the Night at the Museum! I have to admit, I think I was more excited than the boys, I love love love Ben Stiller and I got a chance to see Robin Williams one last time. We received a #VPMovieNight kit and it included, popcorn, popcorn bags, Dexter, and of course the Blu-Ray edition of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.     Getting ready for our #VPMovieNight … [Read More...]


Crate Training Essentials – How to Have #CrateHappyPets

This post is sponsored by PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Containment Products and Education for your pet, but Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article. Many people associate crates as cages, and have a negative disposition towards them. I know this because I was one of them. After adopting my last puppy I quickly learned how important crate training was. She needed a safe place to call her own, … [Read More...]


Grieving Process: Adult Survivors of Abuse Series

My mother was dying, I was trying to hold it all together, and my friend was asking if I got the closure I needed? This was not the time. There would actually be no time. My goal was to let my mom have her closure. I wanted her to know I was there... My mother had been out of my life for over two years when I got that call. She was sick, given months to live and I had to make some quick decisions.   Adult survivors of abuse are never completely removed from that past, and when situations such as illness and death occur, it is not always easy to decide the course of action. … [Read More...]


Nutella Chocolate Chip Scones

For the past two weeks I've seen a post circulating Facebook about this delicious soft and chewy cookie filled with yummy Nutella. Naturally I had to try it. That means that for two weeks I've been trying to perfect this recipe. Let me start off by saying that the cookie that is becoming viral on Facebook is NOT soft and chewy. In fact it was super crispy and the Nutella dried up. I'm guessing that instead of allowing it to cool all the way the cookie was cut into while it was still warm. No biggie. If I had a chance to show melty delicious Nutella I would do it too - but it is false … [Read More...]


How to Get Your Child Excited About School!

The importance of education is obvious. Those who do not finish high school are much more likely to be unprepared for integration into the workforce. Consequentially, they are less likely to be employed in the future. Conventional education also offers important social development that helps students understand the dynamics of interpersonal communication. Students who do not complete at least a high school education are also at a higher risk of falling under the poverty line, developing health conditions, and suffering from mental health issues. In order to prevent this from happening to … [Read More...]


Mom Wins With El Monterey at Breakfast!

During the week it's really hard to just sit down and eat breakfast together as a family, I think El Monterey figured this out when they created their signature breakfast burritos. As much as I would like to have sit down breakfasts like the ones we see on TV - well let's be real it's not gonna happen unless it's a weekend, and even then they want to watch TV while eating. So instead of wasting my time making scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries,etc. for a non-existent family breakfast I decided to give El Monterey breakfast burritos a try. They have real eggs, real sausage - all ingredients … [Read More...]

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