Contributing Writers Wanted


Are you looking for a place to write, share your crafts, recipes, stories? If you are I have just the gig for you! Contributing Writers Wanted Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker is being funded and sponsored by an outside brand right now! How amazing is that?! I can hire up to 3 writers now and […]

Method of Procedure by Celebrity Chef Thomas Gosney

Method of Procedure Cropped

Method of Procedure by Celebrity Chef Thomas Gosney Thomas Gosney is a private chef, who for 16 year, cooked for NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.  I would say that this put’s him heads above (okay, I couldn’t resist), many other celebrity chefs. He has also worked at Five Diamond Resort hotel in Orlando Florida, and has […]

Astroglide TTC™ Month 3 – Preparing Your Body For A Baby


I’m honestly not surprised that there is still no BFP, (or was there?) after three months of using Astroglide TTC™. Please note, that results are all different for every couple. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your body for a baby. Preparing Your Body For a Baby Take Prenatal Vitamins You don’t have […]

Chipotle and Cilantro Sliders and Jalapeno Cilantro Papitas


Summer is definitely a time for parrilladas, family get togethers and parties! I was blessed in growing up in an area that was literally a melting pot of culture. In fact, at home, my parents taught me Italian and Spanish and English is actually my third language! While most of you know that I focus […]

Capital One 360 – Helping Us Learn To Save For Our Family’s Future


When you have kids (and even if you don’t) you can’t help but think about the future. All sorts of questions start running through your mind, almost taking over your daily routine. “Will we have enough to cover this bill, or that bill?” “Can we pay for school pictures?” “How are the groceries going to […]

Lubricating the TTC Wheels With Conceive Plus


For the past seven years Conceive Plus® has been the product of choice for any couple who is trying to get pregnant. It’s not just for couples facing infertility. Conceive Plus® is a personal lubricant that is made with you and your partner’s needs in mind during your journey. **Please Note: This is an over […]

Trend-proofing your Home Interior


The idea of re-decoration can a scary prospect at the best of times. The systemic packing-up and safety-wrapping of furniture and valuables, the long long hours of sweating away with a drippy paint roller and a clingfilm-coated baking tray… But when trends in home interior design sway wildly from one end of the spectrum to […]