Buying a Used Car


ou’re ready to buy a car but you’re not sure when the best time to buy a car is. Is it at the beginning of the month, during a sale, at the beginning of the year or towards the end? There are many options and ways to look at buying a car. Here are some […]

Tips for Holiday Travel


  We all know road travel alone, has its share of annoyances and risks. There may be road closings, slower speeds due to snow or sleet, traffic accidents and other obstacles to throw you off track. Here are 5 tips for Holiday Travel to help you along the way.   1. Have your car examined […]

The New LG OLED TV Is On My Wish List At Best Buy!

Best-Buy-Holiday Tree

      If I could have one huge gift this Christmas – which of course people would say that I am totally materialistic – it would be the new LG OLED TV at Best Buy! I mean I already have a 55″ LG Smart TV but why not go Ultra HD with a curved […]

Winter Travel Tips


Winter weather can become scary, and if you’re driving through a snowstorm, even more so. It becomes hazardous and dangerous for yourself and others on the road too. Following these Winter driving tips will help keep you and others out on the road safe.   Basic Winter Driving Tips:   Avoid driving while you’re fatigued. […]