Why I’m Wishing For A Girl

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What’s Wrong With My Boys?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my boys, it’s just that I have a house full of boys. FULL. OF. BOYS. There are hot wheels everywhere, skateboards, scooters, xmen and other figurines, basketballs, footballs, legos, baseballs, bats, golfballs, golfclubs, etc. I have stepped on, tripped over, done a split, on all of these objects. While I love the boys, I’m wishing for a girl. I want to see some pinks, and purples, maybe some barbie dolls, or a playset like Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home, maybe even some stuffed animals thrown around. Now I understand that I would probably kill myself over the girl’s toys too, but it would at least be a pretty fall!

Can’t You Still Play With Boys?

Of course I can, and I have! I’ve played basketball, catch, football, and golf with the boys. I have helped them build stuff with legos. I don’t mind it at all, but everything is blue, or red, or black! AHHHH! I want to see pretty colors and pretty toys. I want to be able to bring down from the attic some of my old barbies, and play with my daughter. It doesn’t fly very well with my boys. They see a barbie doll and want to chop her hair off and turn her into a G.I Joe.  They see a stuffed animal and want to turn it into a dog toy.

Aren’t Your Dogs Girls?

Yes my dogs are girls, but can they really play with Moshi Monsters, or barbies? Well I guess they could, if I wanted them to be all chewed up! I can’t really dress them up, they’re not toy dogs! My dogs are into chasing birds and squirrels, sleeping all day and eating. Yes, I know very much like kids.

Boys Can Play With Moshi Toys!

Yes boys can definitely play with Moshi toys and video games, but my boys are into other types of video games, some I would prefer they didn’t play, luckily they know what make believe is! My boys don’t like playing dress up unless it’s a cowboy or a ninja and a sword or pistol must be involved at all times. They’re all BOY!

Why I’mWishing For A Girl

I repeat, I love my boys, and I love playing with them, but having a girl will introduce new toys and games into the house. Prettier clothes, and other things that I can relate to as well. With my luck though, I’m willing to bet that she would be a tomboy and prefer to play with her brothers’ guns, and toys. I guess I can just kiss my world of pinks and purples goodbye!

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  1. says

    I have one of each. Some days she’s a super girly girl wanting to help me clean and bake. Then the next day she’s burping and blowing spit bubbles!
    I know it’s harder for me to play with my son..I don’t have the boy sense of humor..farts and butt don’t make me giggle.
    laura recently posted…Movie Night Reviews- Home Alone 4My Profile

  2. says

    See, my daughter is a girly-girl and sometimes I can’t understand her prissy ways. This time around we have a boy and I’m interested to see what will happen. :) Girls are fun, that’s for sure. I’m a little scared about having a boy because we haven’t had one in my family for a few generations so everyone’s kind of just like “eh, good luck with that.”
    Shary recently posted…How Butt Bench Helps My Pregnancy PainMy Profile

    • says

      Our eldest son specifically said, I don’t ever want to be a baby brother! I had to remind him, that it will never be a problem for him! He then said, “Ok Mom, hurry up and have a girl!” Kids! Gotta love them! Congrats on your second baby girl!

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