The Strong Influence of Middle Eastern fashion in the Summer Season


The recent financial crisis in the West is still being felt in many countries. Not surprisingly, one of the first items that people consider cutting back on is clothes. With budgets being squeezed, making that coat or dress last another season makes sense. However, there are some parts of the economy where spending has remained […]

Fueling Fashion with a Helen Ficalora Necklace ~ Scallop Shell Mini Charm & Fine Chain

Helen Ficalora Collage

I love necklaces. In fact, you will rarely see me without one on. There are of course stipulations when it comes to the necklaces that I wear. First, the necklace has to hold some type of meaning. Second, it has to be a quality necklace. Okay, so it is possible that I am a bit […]

The New Way to Improve Health and Remain In Shape

Muay Thaiq

Muay Thai is traditionally called “The Science of Eight Limbs” because you use eight limbs to strike—hands, elbows, feet, and knees. The Muay Thai Training Camps or Gyms invite contenders who need preparing to battle. The Gyms also offer access to any individual who has a powerful urge to take in the specialty of expert […]

Crunchy Taco Avocado Salad with Hamburger Helper®


Last week, I mentioned how June is National Hamburger Month and here at AOTMH – we’re celebrating! And we’re not celebrating alone! Hamburger Helper® is along for the ride! This week, I took Hamburger Helper® and switched it up some. We’re going to have Crunchy Taco Avocado Salad with Hamburger Helper®! This is super easy […]

Win A Mystery Gift Basket from Warner Bros. Kids and DCKids!


I remember waking up super early on Saturday mornings to catch Super Friends and Scooby Doo! I often find myself wondering, “Whatever happened to all the good cartoons we watched growing up?” Apparently the folks over at Warner Brothers and DC Kids had the same thought! Warner Brothers Kids and DCKids have some amazing news […]

Download Kraft’s Free Kick Off Your Summer Cookbook!


We all have our favorite Summer recipes, but they can get boring. Kraft has come out with a cookbook to help you Kick Off Your Summer! I love trying new foods and recipes and I just had to try the Philadelphia Fruit Pizza! It was so easy to make, and while I made a few […]

Benefits of a No Deposit Online Casino


Have you ever just sat online, and browsed and browsed and browsed? Or how about going out to the casino for a weekend of some healthy gambling and fun? The problem? You don’t have any available cash on you to just spend on a hit and miss opportunity.With you can have the chance to […]