Popcorn and Blanket Forts!


Thank You Pop Secret for Sponsoring this discussion and fun weekend!   I’m boring, I’m a boring mom….or rather my kids prefer popcorn right out of the bag. Even if I wanted to make some awesome gourmet snack with it, they wouldn’t eat it, because it’s not plain old movie theater butter popcorn. However I […]

Contributing Writers Wanted


Are you looking for a place to write, share your crafts, recipes, stories? If you are I have just the gig for you! Contributing Writers Wanted I have reached a point where I am extremely busy both in real life and online – and I can no longer update my blog the way I used […]

Week 1 on Nutrisystem Plus Twenty Healthy Recipes You Won’t Regret Eating

20 healthy recipes

Week one of being on Nutrisystem has literally just flown by. I found myself feeling hungry later in the evening, and after taking a look at my calorie count and food report, I realized that I wasn’t eating enough. As usual this is my problem. I’m an under-eater rather than an over-eater. I’ve been drinking […]