Five Things to Consider Before Making Your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams a Reality


An outdoor kitchen is a lot more than just a barbecue and a cooler of your favorite soda sitting next to it. While you may want your grill to be the central fixture of your outdoor kitchen, there are several other things you need to consider before starting the design process, like how you want…

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Surviving Infertility During the Holidays


  The season of never-ending gatherings has begun. It’s during this time that our hearts will ache even more. The holidays has a way to bring out the Grinch in some of us and tend to remind us that our family building hasn’t been the way he had planned. Seeing your siblings and cousins with…

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Razor Pocket Mod and Glow Scooter Giveaway


  Welcome to the Razor Rides Giveaway Sponsored by: Razor Hosted by: Mom Blog Society and Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker       Razor Pocket Mod The Hottest Ride On The Block The Pocket Mod™ gives young girls with a passion for fashion a stylish set of wheels that is sure to turn heads….

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