How Nutrisystem Is Going to Help Me Overcome Diabetes and PCOS ~ Week 14

Sonohysterogram and Lab Work Results

diabetes and pcos

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Last week I received my results from my sonohysterogram and my other labwork. It wasn’t good. As a matter of fact I was diagnosed with high thyroid levels, and diabetes. The sonohysterogram showed that I have a pretty large polyp growing in my uterus. I cried. I wasn’t and I am not happy about it! As a matter of fact I said out loud: it sucks! So now I’m on meds for diabetes and the thyroid. Wonderful! But how is Nutrisystem going to help me? That’s easy. Nutrisystem is going to help me overcome both Diabetes and PCOS!

Nutrisystem Results:

Last week I lost weight. I lost another 1.3lbs and I’m quite happy about it. I can already see Nutrisystem helping my PCOS. Since I’ve lost over 42lbs, my cycles have become more regular. That is definitely a plus with PCOS. My sugar levels aren’t extremely high, but they are “good.” I’ve been exercising more, since my doctor said that would help all three issues: Diabetes, Thyroid, and PCOS. I have to admit taking 5 pills a day sucks, but I know that Nutrisystem will help me beat the odds.

I always knew that having PCOS could lead to becoming a diabetic, I just never thought that it could happen to me. I don’t eat processed foods or sugars, and veggies are my best friend. My mom has been a diabetic for over thirteen years, and we eat pretty darned healthy around here. It just didn’t make sense hearing those words. When you take a look at my family history and my current health issues, it DOES make sense. This is why my resolution to a healthier me is even stronger now!

Future Plans:

On April 9, 2013 I’m scheduled for a hysterscopy. It’s a surgery to remove the ridiculously huge “alien” in my uterus. Yes I called it an alien, because in my “un”- professional opinion, the only thing growing in there should be a baby! However, this surgery is for the best. This is what has been preventing me to get pregnant and stay pregnant. So once this is done, we move on to the next step – but that is for another post. I’m going to keep exercising, and I’m going to stick with Nutrisystem. Now I don’t only want to see my scale numbers go down, I want to also see my glucose numbers go down!

Total Weightloss: 42.3lbs

Total Inches: 6

Happiness Scale: 100%

Want To Get Healthy With Me?

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