Now I Can with Nutrisystem ~ Week 19 Update


Drum Roll Please! Are you ready to see what Nutrisystem did for me?! Alright folks, as of this morning my scale read 184lbs!!! That’s 52lbs! I haven’t been under 200lbs since I was 14 years old! This is an amazing time and point in my life! I have never felt better and looked better! My…

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How Nutrisystem Is Going to Help Me Overcome Diabetes and PCOS ~ Week 14

diabetes and pcos

Sonohysterogram and Lab Work Results Last week I received my results from my sonohysterogram and my other labwork. It wasn’t good. As a matter of fact I was diagnosed with high thyroid levels, and diabetes. The sonohysterogram showed that I have a pretty large polyp growing in my uterus. I cried. I wasn’t and I…

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