Week 1 on Nutrisystem Plus Twenty Healthy Recipes You Won’t Regret Eating

20 healthy recipes

Week one of being on Nutrisystem has literally just flown by. I found myself feeling hungry later in the evening, and after taking a look at my calorie count and food report, I realized that I wasn’t eating enough. As usual this is my problem. I’m an under-eater rather than an over-eater. I’ve been drinking […]

Now I Can with Nutrisystem ~ Week 19 Update


Drum Roll Please! Are you ready to see what Nutrisystem did for me?! Alright folks, as of this morning my scale read 184lbs!!! That’s 52lbs! I haven’t been under 200lbs since I was 14 years old! This is an amazing time and point in my life! I have never felt better and looked better! My […]