Meet Your Hostess

Maria is a Step-Mom to 3 rambunctious boys aged 8, 6, and 5. She's a Writer, an Advocate for Infertility and PCOS, and an avid Baker and Cook. Here you can find how she deals with infertility as she tries to add to her family, traditional Italian recipes, and about her Adventures as a Homemaker. Grab a cup of strong coffee, a bag of popcorn, sit back and get ready to be entertained!

Still On The Ride With Astroglide TTC™ ~ Month 2


  Not everyone is interested in my sex life, but when you’re TTC’ing EVERYONE wants to know if you’re “doing it right.” I don’t exactly know what that means, but I do know that I have tons of assistance in that department. For example, I have the constant pressure of “Is this baby dance session […]

Sharing Is Caring Weekly Link Up

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  WELCOME TO BLOGGER CO-OP “SHARING IS CARING” SUNDAY LINKUP Do you have blog post you want to share or highlight?  You can link it up here as long as it is family friendly! We are a group of bloggers who want to share and grow so we designed this link up to make that […]

Raising Underwareness: Don’t Let Bladder Leakage Weigh You Down


Incontinence… Whew! Thank goodness we got that word out of the way. The word itself incites panic. How taboo. How private. How … wait, one third of the female population has experienced incontinence. So, why are we so devoted to avoiding conversation about a problem that isn’t that uncommon? Perhaps it is the idea of […]

Life Behind The Grudges


I have a problem. No it’s not infertility – well, it is, but this isn’t about that. My problem is that I hold grudges. I can hold them for a long time, even after I have forgiven. The old adage of “Forgiven but not forgotten,” resonates with me way too much. Not everyone can fully […]